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When many people with average income compare health insurance services and policies, they usually consider the coverage provided if they are injured or are diagnosed with a serious medical condition in the future. They’re primary concern is protecting themselves against the cost of treatment if they are the victim of a disease like cancer or are in a serious automobile accident and need ongoing care. Some may even think only about the copayment without considering the total cost for services and benefits that the insurer is willing to cover.

Smart money people, may not share those concerns. If you have the financial means to pay for a standard visit to your primary care physician, and you may even have the means to pay for more expensive treatments as needed. You begin to shifts your policy from a cost basis to a value basis and begin to focus on financial protection and the luxury of preventing the development of serious medical conditions.

Prevention is the Best Form of Protection

Smart money people are more likely to receive regular checkups and to follow through with doctor recommendations. They have the money to pay for fresh produce and high-quality organic foods free of pesticides and chemicals. They’re more likely to pay for gym memberships or personal trainers, and they may spare no expense when it comes to finding ways to relax and relieve stress on a routine basis.

These lifestyle factors combine with regular care from quality doctors to prevent many illnesses suffered by people with fewer financial assets. If you take care of your body and can afford to pay for doctor visits, don’t assume that you don’t need other health insurance services. This is just like any other financial matter.

You don’t go out and buy a new house every year even though you can probably afford to do so. It makes more sense to buy a primary residence and vacation homes strategically so that you make money rather than lose money, and the same thing applies to health insurance. Rather than eliminating coverage and blowing money on medical expenses, think about elevating your coverage so that it saves you money and gives you access to a higher quality of care. 

Introducing Concierge Medical Treatment and Health Insurance Services

Having the financial means to cover some of your own medical expenses will change the terms of your ideal medical insurance policy. Rather than just covering the basic expenses if you get sick, you want your policy to ensure greater comforts if you or someone you love comes down with an illness or is seriously injured. This is why many smart money people invest in concierge health plans and health insurance services.

This type of plan may allow you to receive in-home care from medical professionals at the top of their field. You don’t have to sit in waiting rooms with sick people coughing and sneezing, putting your health at greater risk. You also don’t have to worry about getting dressed and driving to the doctor’s office when you don’t feel well. The same goes for getting a doctor to your child when they need assistance at all hours of the day or night.

You’re also more likely to receive personalized care from doctors who will spend more time with you. Since these doctors are paid by the wealthy, they are able to limit the number of patients whom they’re willing to serve. They have the time and willingness to customize your care rather than rushing you in and out of the office so that they can care for 50 other people with similar concerns. These doctors are more likely to make recommendations based solely on what they know is best for you rather than what they have to gain from pharmaceutical companies and others pushing their own agenda. 

Concierge plans may also give your family access to the most advanced technologies and treatments if someone you love does come down with a serious illness. These expenses go far beyond what you pay for a standard visit to the doctor, and it makes no sense to pay out of pocket when you can have the support of an insurance company.

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